About The Pickleball Savant

Harrison Kelly has been an avid pickleball player for years, with a love for the competitive yet fun nature of the paddle sport. 

As pickleball rises in popularity, Harrison has found that friends and family members that recently picked up the sport were asking for advice on the rules, pickleball lingo, the best equipment and more.

Harrison knew there was demand for pickleball tips from the experts, and thus, the Pickleball Savant was born. This website was built with the intention of helping players at any level get to know the sport and improve their skills.

In addition to being an avid player, Harrison has passionately kept up with pro pickleball between Major League Pickleball (MLP) events and the Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour.

In addition to being your resource for playing pickleball, the Pickleball Savant is also the best place for staying up to data on the latest pickleball news about what’s happening with the pros.