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The Atlanta Bouncers are one of the newest teams to join Major League Pickleball as it expands into new markets. With the city’s love for sports (including tennis) and expanding interest in pickleball, it is no surprise that Atlanta got a pickleball team of its own. 

Here’s everything to know about the Atlanta Bouncers and their roster, history, and more.

Who Are the Atlanta Bouncers?

The Atlanta Bouncers are a Major League Pickleball (MLP) team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team was founded in 2023 by Annheiser-Busch as the MLP expands into new markets.

The Atlanta Bouncers are one of a handful of pickleball teams in the southeast region, along with the Orlando Squeeze and Miami Pickleball Club. 

Who Plays for the Atlanta Bouncers?

As of late 2023, the roster is composed of:

  • Parris Todd 

Parris is from North Shores, California and was a top junior tennis player throughout her youth, winning over 85 titles in tennis nationally and internationally before picking up pickleball professionally. She is sponsored by Selkirk.

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  • Pablo Tellez

Pablo is from Bogota, Colombia and transitioned from playing college tennis at the University of West Florida to playing pickleball in 2019. He is sponsored by Selkirk.

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  • Hunter Johnson

Hunter is from Taos, New Mexico, and turned pro in 2017, and has win 14 pro doubles titles along with his twin brother Yates Johnson who also plays pro pickleball with the Columbus Pickleball Club.

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  • Simone Jardim

Simone is originally from Brazil and came to America to play tennis in college for Fresno State. She has won gold in women’s doubles, singles, and mixed doubles and is the only professional pickleball player to do so.

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Why Are They Called the Atlanta Bouncers?

Atlanta is famous for having a fantastic bar scene. According to the Atlanta Bouncer’s official MLP page, the team’s name is meant to honor the world-class drinking establishments in ATL. 

Where Can You Buy Atlanta Bouncers Gear?

The Atlanta Bouncers and MLP are officially partnered with Fromuth Pickleball for MLP gear like hats, hoodies, and shirts. Shop Atlanta Bouncers merchandise here

Atlanta Bouncers Official Social Media Profiles & Pages

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You can learn more about the team on the official MLP Bouncers page as well as these pages for their players:

What Other Teams Play in Major League Pickleball

The full roster of premier MLP pickleball teams includes:

  • AZ Drive
  • Bay Area Breakers
  • Brooklyn Aces
  • Chicago Slice
  • Columbus Pickleball Club
  • D.C. Pickleball Team
  • Dallas Pickleball Club
  • Miami Pickleball Club
  • Orlando Squeeze
  • Texas Ranchers
  • Utah Black Diamondbacks

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