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AZ Drive stands as Arizona’s top-tier Major League Pickleball (MLP) squad, boasting a roster of outstanding players under the guidance of one of the sport’s most seasoned and expert professionals. With a dedication to top-notch performance and fair play, AZ Drive ensures an exhilarating experience for its supporters.

Here’s everything you need to know about the professional pickleball team from Arizona and it’s roster.

Who Are the AZ Drive?

Arizona’s pickleball team the AZ Drive is a prominent team in the premier-level MLP. 

Prominent investors in the team include  Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Devin Booker, Dierks Bentley, Michael Phelps, Doug Hirsch, John Merwin, Sam Fox,  Sheila Gulati, Brian Frakes, Mark Dalton, Richard J. Schnall, and Magnus Carlsen. 

What Players Are on the AZ Drive Pickleball Team?

The Arizona Drive roster as of 2023 includes Dekel Bar, Julian Arnold, Vivienne David, Vivian Glozman and general manager / coach Morgan Evans.

Here’s everything to know about this Major League Pickleball squad:

Dekel Bar

Dekel was born and raised in Israel and former pro tennis player with his tennis credentials including six years on the tour, #370 ATP in doubles, #570 ATP in singles, and the #3 player overall in Israel. As for his pickleball prowess, Bar won the 2021 PPA championships in Las Vegas. He is sponsored by Engage Pickleball.

Dekel is current attending IDC Herzelia University studying entrepreneurship and economics. 

Follow Dekel Bar on Instagram and read his official MLP bio.

Vivienne David

Vivienne was born in Canada to Slovakian parents before living in Florida for 17 years. After playing junior tennis as a youth, she got into pickleball after working at a retail store for tennis and pickleball owned by her father. She was the winner of the singles title at the World Pickleball Championships in 2019. She is sponsored by CRBN.

Follow Vivienne David on Instagram and read her official MLP bio.

Julian Arnold

Julian is originally from San Luis Obispo, California. He was the 2023 MVP at MLP’s 2023 event in Mesa. Since he started playing tennis at age 7, he went on to playing at UCLA, instructing tennis for 9 years, and began playing pickleball in 2021 and going pro just one year later.

As of 2023, he is top 10 in singles and top 20 in men’s doubles as well as mixed. His sponsors include Volair, Chicken N Pickle, and Best Day Brewing. 

Follow Julian Arnold on Instagram and read his official MLP bio.

Vivian Glozman

After growing up in Bellevue, WA and played tennis for UVA as well as the Air Force Academy with an impressive college record. Currently, she plays for the Arizona Drive pickleball team and has a 5.27 DUPR score. 

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Who Are the Stakeholders in the Arizona Drive?

Notable investors in the AZ drive include:

  • Larry Fitzgerald Jr.: Former NFL wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals
  • Dierks Benteley: Famous and certified country singer
  • Michael Phelps: Olympic champion swimmer
  • Devin Booker: NBA player on the Phoenix Suns 
  • Doug Hirsch: Founder of GoodRx

Other MLP Premier Teams

Premier MLP pickleball teams that play against in Arizona Drive in MLP events regularly include:

  • Atlanta Bouncers
  • Bay Area Breakers
  • Brooklyn Aces
  • Chicago Slice
  • Columbus Pickleball Club
  • D.C. Pickleball Team
  • Dallas Pickleball Club
  • Miami Pickleball Club
  • Orlando Squeeze
  • Texas Ranchers
  • Utah Black Diamondbacks

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